It is trite to say that having the right product, at the right location, and at the right time, is critical to a retailer’s success. A key facet of this process is having a solution that is reliable, effective, and “smarter” than ever before.

With the proven ability to leverage system forecasting, and perform profiling functions in an ultra-fast environment, our Allocation Module is the smarter choice for retailers who want a better, and more agile, allocation solution. The Allocation Module leverages the latest technologies to provide you with better, and more in-depth, insight to allow you to better understand what your customer wants, and where your products should be.


Exceptional Output

Our Allocation module takes all the guesswork out of allocating products to locations. It uses methods, rules and Smart Forecasting to model performance criteria to determine the best placement of stock. Taking current inventory, inbound product and need into account, the solution quickly allocates inventory to locations to maximize selling potential.

Stock can also be pre-allocated to increase efficiencies on arrival. Additionally, configurable allocation rules allow for managing different phases of the product lifecycle including new products, ongoing, and pushing out stock for end-of-life products.


Automated Effectiveness

Because our Assortment module generates store level Allocation and initial allocation targets, we can ensure the presentation intent from the merchant team is preserved.

Some other key functions:
  • Auto-Allocation
  • Auto-replenishment
  • Eligibility rules
  • Sizing

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